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Massagen von Denise
in Augsburg am Hofgarten

Alte Gasse 1 - 86152 Augsburg
Termine unter: 0171 - 9 666 823
Oder: info@handkontakt.de

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Meine Massagezeiten für April 2024:

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Wellness - Full Body Massage in Augsburg

My Offer

Everything except medical and erotic massages.


60 minutes 75,00
90 minutes 95,00
120 minutes 125,00

In my massages, you get what you need for your relaxation. It doesn't matter which body region I treat. You simply decide whether you want a specific area or your entire body to be included (excluding the intimate area). The price remains the same.

Just contact me by phone, per WhatsApp, E-Mail or SMS to make an appointment. 😊

Appointments are generally available on weekday afternoons and additionally on Wednesday at 7:00 PM. Just ask and we will find a suitable time.

Full Body Massage

In my massages, I cater to your body and your needs. During our time together, I use massage techniques from various fields and directions. You will experience a classic full-body massage, also known as Swedish massage, with elements from Indian Ayurveda (gentle strokes) and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with plenty of contact and body involvement. Starting from your feet, I slowly move upwards and pay attention to all the characteristics of your body, deciding individually which approach is appropriate.

During a massage, your body releases the calming hormone oxytocin, which creates a feeling of intimate warmth and security. It's like a loving hug from within that gently envelops you and gives you a deep sense of well-being. In these moments, you can completely relax and leave the stress of everyday life behind, while the healing touch of the massage caresses your senses.

To fully enjoy all touches, I recommend having 90 minutes of time.

Alte Gasse 1 86152 Bayern - Augsburg
Wellness - Full Body Massage in Augsburg
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Directions to Handkontakt Massage in Augsburg

The studio is located directly at Hofgarten in Augsburg at the corner of "Kohlergasse / Alte Gasse".

handkontakt Massagen
Alte Gasse 1
86152 Augsburg

If you come by car, it is best to park in one of the parking garages in the vicinity:

Contipark Parkhaus
Ludwigstraße 28
86152 Augsburg
280 m away

Kolping Tiefgarage
Jesuitengasse 10
86152 Augsburg
210 m away