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Massagen von Denise
in Augsburg am Hofgarten

Alte Gasse 1 - 86152 Augsburg
Termine unter: 0171 - 9 666 823
Oder: info@handkontakt.de

Mobile Massage

Do you want a massage in your familiar environment? A couple's massage to start a relaxing evening with your favorite person? Unwind and enjoy after work without leaving the house? Simply let go after a meeting in the hotel room? For this, I offer mobile massages with full equipment. I come to your desired location and create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, without the stress of leaving your familiar surroundings.

A mobile massage not only offers convenience but also the opportunity to tailor the massage to your personal preferences. Whether you prefer a classic Swedish massage, are interested in an energetic massage with international influences, or want to enjoy a gentle aromatherapy massage – I bring the necessary materials and experience to meet your individual needs.

Let the massage come to you. With my mobile massage, I bring not only the necessary equipment but also the expertise and dedication to provide you with a relaxing and customized massage directly in your home. Treat yourself to the luxury of relaxation without the hassle of traveling – your needs are the focus of my mobile massage service.

Business Massage in the Hotel

For business travelers seeking relaxation after a strenuous meeting in the hotel room, I offer my services as well. Whether you opt for a short refreshment or an extended massage, I am available with professional service to provide you with a beneficial experience.

After a busy workday, you can sit back and experience the healing power of massage without having to leave your home. The mobile massage allows you to leave everyday stress behind and fully focus on your well-being.

Couple Massage

The couple massage option creates an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a romantic evening with your favorite person. I massage you one after the other, and you can both enjoy the soothing effects of the massage together in your familiar space.


90 minutes 95,00
120 minutes 125,00


Travel per kilometer* 2,00

*Minimum travel fee: 30.00 €
For the first appointment, the travel fee must be paid in advance (PayPal or bank transfer).

Example 1:
You are less than 15 km from 86150 Augsburg and have a 120-minute massage:

Travel: 30,00 €
Massage: 125,00 €
Total: 155,00 €

Example 2:
You are 60 km from 86150 Augsburg and have a 90-minute massage:

Travel: 120,00 €
Massage: 95,00 €
Total: 215,00 €