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Massagen von Denise
in Augsburg am Hofgarten

Alte Gasse 1 - 86152 Augsburg
Termine unter: 0171 - 9 666 823
Oder: info@handkontakt.de


Do you have questions about my massage? Maybe you'll find an answer here. Otherwise, feel free to contact me at 0171 - 9 666 823 via WhatsApp.

No, unfortunately not. I always massage alone and only have one set of massage equipment. Therefore, I can only massage one person at a time.

That is entirely up to you. It depends on how comfortable you feel. You are welcome to keep some clothes on. However, for a full-body massage, it is recommended to have as little clothing as possible to avoid the risk of clothes coming into contact with oil. You are welcome to remove everything.

I am not allowed to offer medical treatments. Relaxation massages will loosen your muscles, and you will feel very comfortable and relaxed afterward (at least, that's the plan).
If you have complaints, I recommend that you consult the appropriate professionals.

No. My massages are for relaxation. I do not want to convey in any way that these are erotic massages.

No. Your intimate area remains intimate and will not be touched by me.

Yes, I am happy to come to you. More information about my mobile massages can be found here: Mobile Massage by Denise

Transsexuality is a completed part of my life and is in no way related to my service. I am in absolute balance and at peace with myself and my body. Therefore, this topic is no longer an issue for me and hopefully not for you either ;-)