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Massagen von Denise
in Augsburg am Hofgarten

Alte Gasse 1 - 86152 Augsburg
Termine unter: 0171 - 9 666 823
Oder: info@handkontakt.de

Relaxing Massage After Work

Who doesn't know it? Stress and hustle at work and in everyday life call for relaxation. A wellness and relaxation massage makes it much easier to unwind. Your body will be brought to the center of yourself with my gentle to firm touches.

The aromatic oil slowly absorbs into your skin. Your tense nerves can gain new energy and prepare you for new challenges.

Schedule a massage appointment now and enjoy the hand contact in the center of Augsburg.

Full Body Massage in Augsburg

Individual full-body massage for your needs

My full-body massage in Augsburg combines techniques from classic Swedish massage, Ayurveda, and Lomi Lomi. Start your relaxing journey from feet to head as I cater to your body individually.

Benefits of a Full-Body Massage

During the massage, your body releases oxytocin, promoting a deep sense of security and relaxation. Indulge in your time of pure relaxation and say goodbye to everyday stress.

Experience the pleasure of a professional full-body massage. Book your appointment online and feel great!

Overview of My Massages

Here you can choose which of my massages suits you best. In the description, you can also directly book an appointment online via Calendly.

Full Body Massage 90 Minutes

In a 1.5-hour massage, I can cover your entire body and address specific requests.

Details and booking

Full Body Massage 120 Minutes

If you want to completely let go, I can provide you with deep relaxation over 2 hours.

Details and booking

Sports Massage 60 Minutes

The loosening of muscles through sports massage should definitely last an hour.

Details and booking

Mobile Massage from 90 Minutes

Would you like a massage in your familiar environment?

Details and booking

Wellness - Full Body Massage in Augsburg

My Offer

Everything except medical and erotic massages.


60 minutes 75,00
90 minutes 95,00
120 minutes 125,00

In my massages, you get what you need for your relaxation. It doesn't matter which body region I treat. You simply decide whether you want a specific area or your entire body to be included (excluding the intimate area). The price remains the same.

Just contact me by phone, per WhatsApp, E-Mail or SMS to make an appointment. 😊

Appointments are generally available on weekday afternoons and additionally on Wednesday at 7:00 PM. Just ask and we will find a suitable time.

Full Body Massage

In my massages, I cater to your body and your needs. During our time together, I use massage techniques from various fields and directions. You will experience a classic full-body massage, also known as Swedish massage, with elements from Indian Ayurveda (gentle strokes) and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with plenty of contact and body involvement. Starting from your feet, I slowly move upwards and pay attention to all the characteristics of your body, deciding individually which approach is appropriate.

During a massage, your body releases the calming hormone oxytocin, which creates a feeling of intimate warmth and security. It's like a loving hug from within that gently envelops you and gives you a deep sense of well-being. In these moments, you can completely relax and leave the stress of everyday life behind, while the healing touch of the massage caresses your senses.

To fully enjoy all touches, I recommend having 90 minutes of time.

Alte Gasse 1 86152 Bayern - Augsburg
Wellness - Full Body Massage in Augsburg
Denise Deana Jung

About Me

My name is Denise. I am in my early 40s and live out my passion for massages alongside my profession as a media designer. I am a masseuse by conviction. It's not about having as many clients as possible. I want to give my touch with absolute dedication. In my studio, directly at the picturesque Hofgarten in Augsburg, I welcome you in the afternoons (after my office job) from 3:30 PM. Please schedule an appointment in my calendar on Calendly at: calendly.com/handkontakt. Alternatively, you can reach me at 0171 - 9 666 823. I look forward to welcoming you.

I enjoy providing others with an experience of relaxation through my touch. It doesn't matter to me what gender or identity (safe space), physical characteristics, or background you have. Mutual respectful treatment of your body, your consciousness, and myself is of utmost importance.

The Studio

The studio offers a cozy atmosphere with a personal touch and my individual influences. My massage area is equipped with high-quality furnishings and exudes no medical or sterile atmosphere.

The subtle lighting combined with pleasant scents creates the ideal environment to make the intensity of my touch particularly palpable.

Thanks to its central location in downtown Augsburg, my studio is easily accessible by various means of transport or on foot through the pedestrian zone from Königsplatz.

My Massage Times / Opening Hours:

Day From To
Saturday: No appointments
Sunday: No appointments
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Directions to Handkontakt Massage in Augsburg

The studio is located directly at Hofgarten in Augsburg at the corner of "Kohlergasse / Alte Gasse".

handkontakt Massagen
Alte Gasse 1
86152 Augsburg

If you come by car, it is best to park in one of the parking garages in the vicinity:

Contipark Parkhaus
Ludwigstraße 28
86152 Augsburg
280 m away

Kolping Tiefgarage
Jesuitengasse 10
86152 Augsburg
210 m away


Do you have questions about my massage? Maybe you'll find an answer here. Otherwise, feel free to contact me at 0171 - 9 666 823 via WhatsApp.

No, unfortunately not. I always massage alone and only have one set of massage equipment. Therefore, I can only massage one person at a time.

That is entirely up to you. It depends on how comfortable you feel. You are welcome to keep some clothes on. However, for a full-body massage, it is recommended to have as little clothing as possible to avoid the risk of clothes coming into contact with oil. You are welcome to remove everything.

I am not allowed to offer medical treatments. Relaxation massages will loosen your muscles, and you will feel very comfortable and relaxed afterward (at least, that's the plan).
If you have complaints, I recommend that you consult the appropriate professionals.

No. My massages are for relaxation. I do not want to convey in any way that these are erotic massages.

No. Your intimate area remains intimate and will not be touched by me.

Yes, I am happy to come to you. More information about my mobile massages can be found here: Mobile Massage by Denise

Transsexuality is a completed part of my life and is in no way related to my service. I am in absolute balance and at peace with myself and my body. Therefore, this topic is no longer an issue for me and hopefully not for you either ;-)

Guest comments 🥰

Thank you for the relaxing escape into the sensitive massage in your beautiful room ☺️

Today I spent 90 minutes with Denise. From a recommendation, there was much praise about her and what can I say... simply a dream... I was greeted very warmly, warmly, and friendly, Denise exudes a lot of calm. I am rather lively and hyperactive, but her manner grounded me immediately. The massage was consistently very beneficial, and I never felt uncomfortable for a second. Quite the opposite, there were moments when I felt that energy was flowing somehow. Finding the right words for it is difficult. After the massage, I felt really loose, light, and free! A visit to her is highly recommended, you won't regret it! I will now also plan to visit her regularly, my body will thank me.

I felt super comfortable from beginning to end. Denise is a very warm person with magical hands. I’m glad I had my first full-body massage here and will definitely come back :)

Denise has a great sense, the ambiance is wonderful, and I felt very comfortable.

Something very special. A massage with perfect sensitivity. The atmosphere was very relaxed. With Denise, I could really let go. There was also a recommendation for prevention on top. I will come back! Thank you, Denise.

Very pleasant, relaxing massage in a comfortable atmosphere! Very friendly and competent. I will definitely come back and can only recommend it.

Denise greeted me cheerfully with sparkling eyes, which immediately created a pleasant atmosphere. Very nice room and great background music for the massage. The 90-minute full-body massage was simply beautiful, I could let go and just enjoy. Especially nice was the massage or touch of the palms, so to speak hand contact.

I have rarely been so deeply relaxed. I felt immediately comfortable with Denise and could trust her blindly. She has definitely won me over for regular appointments. I can only recommend her. It was an incredible feeling under her magical hands.

A warm welcome upon arrival, then just step in and enjoy. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away to another world. Perfect relaxation. Highly recommended. Nothing compares.

Had a 2-hour massage with Denise, and I can only say, I didn’t realize how tense I was. She really has a good touch, highly recommended! 😊

Denise is a very friendly and open-minded woman who makes you feel at ease. The massage itself was wonderful, extremely relaxing, and you feel reborn afterward. Definitely worth repeating and highly recommended.

It was simply wonderful, I walked through the door and a journey began... Denise is a mysterious and very pleasant woman, the atmosphere enchanting, carried by gentle sounds and sensual scents... Denise takes you out of everyday life and lets you awaken in another world. It was simply wonderful. I will certainly embark on this journey again soon. Best regards, Tom

Denise was very attentive and friendly. The massage was excellent, and she fully catered to my wishes. Denise really has power; for people with strong tension, it’s very beneficial. I can definitely recommend her.

Absolutely wonderful massage by a fantastic masseuse. Denise was very accommodating with scheduling, and I felt very comfortable during the appointment. The best part: I could totally relax during the massage! 😃 Highly recommended!

Highly recommended. Friendly, accommodating, knows what she’s doing, and above all, top performance and price! Guaranteed future visits.

Good massage. My needs were well attended to, and more force was applied as I requested.

You feel welcome right away. The professional massage is very relaxing and soothing. Denise finds every point that needs relaxation. I feel rejuvenated afterward. Amazing in a positive sense. Cleanliness and thoroughness. Highly recommended. 10/10

Very nice relaxation massage, all tensions and pains were massaged away. Great ambiance and friendly atmosphere, parking available nearby. Always happy to return, really top-notch +++++

Very pleasant atmosphere and soothing massage for relaxation.

I had an appointment with Denise last week. As soon as I entered her apartment, I felt warmly welcomed and was in a positive mood. During the entire 90-minute massage, I was able to relax very well and can only say that Denise really knows her stuff. For me, it was finally a very professional massage combined with a very cozy atmosphere. I will definitely come back. Thank you very much, Denise. Michi

Had a 90-minute massage.. 👍👍👍 I can only highly recommend it. I have never felt so good before and after a massage.. well taken care of, professional, and very friendly. Very happy to return…👍👍