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Massagen von Denise
in Augsburg am Hofgarten

Alte Gasse 1 - 86152 Augsburg
Termine unter: 0171 - 9 666 823
Oder: info@handkontakt.de

Denise Deana Jung

About Me

My name is Denise. I am in my early 40s and live out my passion for massages alongside my profession as a media designer. I am a masseuse by conviction. It's not about having as many clients as possible. I want to give my touch with absolute dedication. In my studio, directly at the picturesque Hofgarten in Augsburg, I welcome you in the afternoons (after my office job) from 3:30 PM. Please schedule an appointment in my calendar on Calendly at: calendly.com/handkontakt. Alternatively, you can reach me at 0171 - 9 666 823. I look forward to welcoming you.

I enjoy providing others with an experience of relaxation through my touch. It doesn't matter to me what gender or identity (safe space), physical characteristics, or background you have. Mutual respectful treatment of your body, your consciousness, and myself is of utmost importance.

Full Body Massage in Augsburg

Individual full-body massage for your needs

My full-body massage in Augsburg combines techniques from classic Swedish massage, Ayurveda, and Lomi Lomi. Start your relaxing journey from feet to head as I cater to your body individually.

Benefits of a Full-Body Massage

During the massage, your body releases oxytocin, promoting a deep sense of security and relaxation. Indulge in your time of pure relaxation and say goodbye to everyday stress.

Experience the pleasure of a professional full-body massage. Book your appointment online and feel great!

Overview of My Massages

Here you can choose which of my massages suits you best. In the description, you can also directly book an appointment online via Calendly.

Full Body Massage 90 Minutes

In a 1.5-hour massage, I can cover your entire body and address specific requests.

Details and booking

Full Body Massage 120 Minutes

If you want to completely let go, I can provide you with deep relaxation over 2 hours.

Details and booking

Sports Massage 60 Minutes

The loosening of muscles through sports massage should definitely last an hour.

Details and booking

Mobile Massage from 90 Minutes

Would you like a massage in your familiar environment?

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